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Ambitious & Accomplished Christian Women Called to Business

(Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Attorneys, Physicians & Other Professionals)

Exclusive, Limited-Edition

Training Series From Judy Weber

Build a $100K Business

(in 12 months or less)

Establish a Firm Foundation for Rapid Growth, Sign Clients With Authenticity & Make a Lasting Impact
free for a limited time only
(Value: $497)
women at computer
God is calling His daughters to entrepreneurship, like never before.
Indeed, YOU were born...for such a time as this!

This exclusive, curated 5-part training series will give you the inspiration, tools, strategy and education you need to build a highly-lucrative service-based business - without EVER compromising your values

Judy Weber

If your goals for the next 12 months include:

✔️ Creating a premium service offering that can serve your best clients need, right now
✔️ Curating your brand messaging to cut through the noise & stand out from the competition
✔️ Developing a highly-effective marketing strategy that doesn't leave you feeling like a slave to social media OR require dumping money into ads
✔️ Mastering authentic selling, signing more of your very best clients with ease
✔️ Putting simple systems in place to dramatically increase productivity (& open time on your calendar)
✔️ Building a sophisticatedly simple business model - fueled by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Then you need to watch this training series, now!

Ditch the overwhelm. Get off the 'doing too much' hamster wheel.

It's time for something better!

big pic in new build a 100k biz

It's time to (finally!) get your business set up for success. Inside you'll learn what a Faith Fueled® Business is & why it's the BEST business model for Christian entrepreneurs.

Inside I'll reveal the 3 simple steps to running an impactful - and profitable - business. 


And you'll learn about: the Right Offer Framework, Joy-Infused Marketing
& Sell to Serve™ Authentic Selling.
This exclusive training series will show you exactly where to focus (and where NOT to) so you can reach the 6-figure mark.  And be optimally positioned to scale.

free for a limited time only

(Value: $497)

Start thinking like a 6-figure CEO with an empowered Biblical perspective, boldly pursuing the 'impossible'
Stop spinning your wheels 'doing all the things' and gain visibility & quality leads, working less
Take decisive CEO action & master key skillsets for real growth, replacing doubt and fear with confidence and faith

This training series will show you exactly what's working now for hundreds of successful early stage entrepreneurs

Our clients are reporting significant shifts in their revenue, their mindset & their walk with the Lord, simply following the 3-step process to your 1st $100K that I've developed.  This exclusive series of advanced trainings will show you exactly what they are doing that's working NOW.

How to make your 1st $100K in 12 months or less, without compromising
your values or working 24/7
Learn from the Christian coaching industry's innovator about how to curate an irresistible offer, finesse your marketing and master selling - in a way that brings glory to the Lord.

Training #1: The Right Offer Framework

In this exclusive training, you'll learn how to curate YOUR irresistible service offering (that could literally take you to the millions):


✔️ What makes an offer 'right' (it's NOT what you think)
✔️ The secret to an absolutely irresistible offer
✔️ How to eliminate the competition through powerful positioning

Training #2: Joy-Infused Marketing

You need a marketing strategy (& system) to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. Get ready to learn the secret to effective marketing.


✔️ What will grab the attention of your best clients (and leave them comin' back for more)
✔️ How to create a lifetime of valuable content - in just one hour (think: repurposing on steroids)
✔️ Creating demand for your services so you never have to chase clients, ever
Judy Weber

Training #3: Sell to Serve™ Authentic Selling

Ready to go from novice to highly-skilled when it comes to sales? This training will forever change the way you think about selling as you learn:


✔️  The nobility of sales and the Belief Triad (it's time to get excited about sales conversations)
✔️  How God has already given you the 'secret sauce' to authentic sales (yep, you've got it!)
✔️  The NEW way to sell your services (because the old way is pushy, inauthentic and gross)

Training #4: Leverage Your Time with Timeblocking

This training is unconventional, unlike anything you've seen before on this all-important issue of timeblocking.  More important than productivity, leveraging your time is a skill set every CEO needs.


✔️ Gain control of your calendar (...fellow control freaks, rejoice)
✔️ Best practices to eliminate distractions & stay focused
✔️ The one thing that changed everything for me (several of my clients told me: 'Judy this training changed my life!')
judy on couch smiling
judy no fridge

Training #5: Your Questions Answered

Learning is great.  Implementation is better! In this training, I answer the most frequently asked questions about applying the concepts you just learned in the real world. Questions include:

✔️ How do you price your offer?
✔️ How do you stay motivated when it seems like 'it's not working'?
✔️ Is it possible to conquer fear and doubt and indecision

In just a few hours

To recap, here's all you get in this exclusive 5-part training series!

big pic in new build a 100k biz
✔️ Access to 3 Biblically-centric business trainings
✔️  Training #1: The Right Offer Framework
✔️ Training #2: Joy-Infused Marketing
✔️ Training #3: Sell to Serve™ Authentic Selling
✔️ Training #4: Timeblocking Training
✔️ Training #5: Your Questions Answered
free for a limited time only

(Value: $497)

Meet Your Host

Judy Weber, Esq.

judy on couch smiling

Professional Women's Business Strategist & Scaling Expert
Founder of Judy Weber Co., a boutique consultancy for faith-fueled women in business



Judy is a genius at showing female professional services founders + entrepreneurs
how to uplevel their mindset,
step fully into their CEO role and strategically transform their business model
into a freedom-based
legacy business
(without compromising their faith or values)

- over 30 years in sales
-20+ years as a trial attorney
- C suite experience (as General Corporate Counsel & HR Director)
* PLUS *
more than 15 years as an entrepreneur...

I. Know. Business!

free for a limited time only

(Value: $497)

We believe Jesus Christ is Lord and we seek to honor & praise Him with everything we do, inside our business as well as the lives and businesses of our clients. We joyfully tithe back to His Kingdom and actively invest in and work to build a company fueled by faith in our beautiful Savior. We believe in miracles. We unapologetically pursue the impossible knowing, in Him, all things are possible. We encourage you to join our community if you share these values and want to work with a company devoted - above all else - to Jesus and the Truth of His Word.
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